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Photo Gallery of handbags, clutches, tote bags, crossbody purses by Kathy Thompson, currently of Uvalde Texas (hometown Austin Texas !) Nearly 10 years of embellishing, painting, leather dyeing, and pattern-making to create beautiful, unique, artisanal HANDBAGS! 
Here’s a brief look into my workshop, a photo shoot, and some of the previously sold designs: 

March 2020 Handbag Shoot! 

 Check Out these GORGEOUS handbags....All have sold! These customers have got some major “Purse Swag” going on!!!  Enjoy! 


Views from my Workshop: 
Where I sketch designs, make patterns for cutting out leather pieces for a handbag, LOTS of cutting leather, sewing, leather painting and tinting, glueing, whip-stitch lacing, attach hardware, and even photograph! Here’s a quick look into my daily world! 











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